Frequently Asked Questions

My child is under 18 years old. Can they skydive with parental consent?

No, unfortunately they cannot jump with parental consent. All jumpers have to be able to sign their own waivers. To be able to do that in Arizona, they must be 18 years old.

What if I have a medical condition? Can I still jump?

We are not doctors here! If you have any health or physical concerns, please seek a doctor’s advice before skydiving!

Can I jump even if I am over the weight limit?

We have a little bit of wiggle room. Keep in mind that we will weigh you when you get here and this weight will include your clothes and your shoes. If you are slightly over our weight limit and are still able to jump, there is a flat fee of $10 in addition to the price of your jump. Please call if you are concerned about the weight limit.

How long will I be there?

Your time here at the dropzone is dependent upon a number of factors. To be on the safe side, please plan to be here for anywhere between three and six hours.

How early do I need to be there?

You do not need to arrive early. Your reservation time is your arrival time. If you made your reservation for 8 AM, please arrive at 8 AM.

What should I bring with me on the day of the jump?

You must bring a government issued ID or driver’s license. If you are a student or active military, please bring your ID for your discount.

Should I eat before I jump?

Please! Eat what you would normally eat. We just don’t recommend eating a huge meal immediately before jumping. And of course, no alcohol consumption on the day you are scheduled to jump.

What should we wear?

We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes that enable easy movement and full range of motion (think gym clothes or hiking clothes). You will also want to dress appropriately for the weather. We do provide you with a jumpsuit to wear over your clothes. Tennis shoes are a must!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and cards (except American Express). No personal checks please.

Can we bring our own cameras on the jump?

No, students may not bring their own cameras, even if it is a GoPro with any type of mount. The United States Parachute Association recommends that you have a C License (200 jumps) in the sport before you start flying with a camera.

Does my whole group get to jump together?

At our dropzone, the most we take up is two tandem students at a time, depending on the day. We fly a Cessna 206 which can hold five jumpers. Remember, if you do not get to jump with your group, you will actually get to watch them jump, fly around under canopy, and greet them when they land (a little bonus you don’t get when jumping together)!

Can my friends and family watch me jump?

You bet! They can go to the landing area where our ground crew will help point out the plane and the jumpers.

How high do you jump from?

We go up to 14,000 feet above sea level, which is 10,500 feet above the ground here in Cottonwood. This is as high as we can go without oxygen.

Am I allowed to fly the parachute?

As long as the conditions are right, your instructor will let you fly the canopy until it’s time for the landing! The best part – there is no extra fee for this! It is all a part of the experience.

My friend doesn’t want to jump. Can they ride in the plane with me?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow observers to ride along in the plane.

Can we get one video for our whole group?

No, videos and pictures are per person. The tandem instructor also does all of the camerawork, therefore it is on a per person basis.

Are the landings hard?

Our instructors try to make the landings as soft as possible. As long as all conditions are favorable and you listen to your instructor’s direction, it should be a nice, easy landing. The goal is to slide into the landing area with the instructor touching the ground first. Remember that the instructor is getting the same landing that you are getting and they like a nice landing as well. Keep in mind that nothing in skydiving is ever guaranteed.

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